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District 25 House Vacancy 

Covid 19 continues to impact our everyday lives. Many schools are closing and there is uncertainty about the effects the most recent outbreak will have on jobs and our local economy. Angela understands the concerns of balancing a household budget while running a small business and navigating this ever-changing landscape. She will work to ensure the federal government is a fully present partner helping to look out for small businesses and federal workers. She will act as a resource to families, providing information on shifting attendance policies, mandates, and school closings. Angela will fight to ensure that District 4 residents have the resources they need to come out on the other side of this crisis stronger and healthier than before.

Family-Sustaining Jobs and Childcare Assistance:


Every family in our district deserves access to universal pre-k and childcare assistance to help them get ahead. According to a report by the Associated Press, the current childcare crisis in our country limits the jobs people can accept, makes it harder to climb the corporate ladder and ultimately restricts the ability of the broader economy to grow. As a single mother, Angela understands the importance of universal pre-k as the foundation of a quality education, and how affordable child care ensures parents can keep family sustaining jobs. She will make the issue central to her work in Congress. 

Small Businesses and Federal Contracts:


Small businesses are the heartbeat of our district, but too many of them are struggling to access critical COVID relief programs, capital and federal contracts. With the passage of the Infrastructure and Jobs Act, our district has a real opportunity to change that. From technical assistance for small businesses looking to contract to the federal government, to ensuring banks engage in fair lending practices, Angela will be relentless in pursuit of opportunities for small businesses to grow and thrive.

Modeling Smart Development to Achieve Environmental Justice:


Angela’s work with Councilmember Derrick Leon Davis and as Counsel to the Department of Environment helped shape her understanding of the policies we need to address development challenges in District 4. The district includes numerous industrial sites, particularly along Rt. 4, that impact water quality, pollute the air quality and hamper surrounding communities’ ability to thrive. As we continue to navigate rapid changes to our climate and environment, the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor presents a unique opportunity to model smart development and to achieve environmental justice by centering the needs and input of our communities.  

FBI Headquarters:


For far too long Prince George’s County Maryland has not received an equitable opportunity for federal resources and investment, receiving less than 4 percent of the Washington region’s federal leasing space. Of the final three sites identified for the relocation of the FBI headquarters, the two most cost effective locations for the new FBI building sit within District 4.  When the Pentagon relocated to Northern Virginia it brought a revitalization that is still growing to this day. Angela will fight to ensure District 4 is given the same opportunity for economic growth.

Fighting for Equitable Education and Investments In Our Schools:


Every child is worthy of a world class education, and studies show that when we invest in our children our society and our economy reap the benefits. The Maryland Blueprint calls for investments in our children, and it needs a federal partner to ensure we close achievement gaps and increase the quality of education for all of our schools. Angela will be a tireless advocate for more federal funding, including advocating for the reinstatement of federal funding to Prince George’s County schools, to shape an educational system that meets the needs of all children across the fourth Congressional District. She will also advocate that the U.S. Department of Education includes out-of-school programs for older children to provide a holistic approach to educating our children and equipping them to reach their fullest potential.

Protecting Pediatric Mental Health: 


COVID-19 destabilized so much for our families, but it has had a disproportionate impact on our children. Long before the onset of COVID, Angela introduced and led passage of a law that required the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Department of Education to develop and recommend best practices for behavioral counseling services to county boards and barred insurance companies from declining to pay for covered behavioral services. As a parent and someone who has worked on the issue directly, Angela knows the importance of mental health to ensuring our children develop into healthy adults. 

Centering Community and Health in Public Safety:


While in the House of Delegates, Angela led efforts to reform Maryland’s antiquated domestic violence laws, and she will take that same approach to achieving criminal justice reform in Congress. Angela supports a public safety strategy that centers public health alternatives and investments in our communities to address mental health disorders, trauma, and addiction as outlined in legislation like the People’s Response Act. 

Times are tough in Maryland right now. We had to endure the disastrous Trump Presidency, only to come out on the other side in the middle of a pandemic. COVID has taken our loved ones, harmed our economy, and damaged our mental health. And now our supply chains are suffering, wages are stagnant, and costs are skyrocketing. But tough times don’t last when we turn to tough leaders. And I’m committed to fighting so we all rise together.”



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